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Starters are formed from a combination of pure and carefully selected strains
of lactic bacteria and yeast and are used to produce highly developed acids
and aromas in dough. They help dispense with the need to refresh a spontaneous
sourdough developed using traditional methods.

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Thanks to its expertise in sensory analysis, Lesaffre has developed sourdough-based formulations with malt,
organic acids, spices, etc… These preparations are used to extend and vary the range of aromatic profiles
in baked goods. They are directly incorporated into the mixer to give the finished product a unique flavour
and colour.

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Ready-to-use in liquid form, live sourdoughs enable bakers to dispense with the sourdough
preparation phase. It allows dough to rise and lends the finished product a distinct aromatic typicity
peculiar to baked sourdough-based goods. It is produced from the natural fermentation of cereal
flour obtained from organic farming.

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Devitalized sourdoughs, which are produced from fermented flour (wheat, rye, spelt, etc…),
require no preparation and can be incorporated directly into the mixing process. They lend
the finished product a distinct aromatic typicity peculiar to fermented cereal. They are used
in all kinds of bread-making processes.

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