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More than 170 years
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51 Baking

the world

70 factories for yeasts & ingredients

One third of bread in the world made with Lesaffre yeast

Lesaffre UK & Ireland is your local partner, supplying a diverse number of functional baking ingredients and mixes, a complete range of sourdoughs and hundreds of specialist yeasts.

Backed by the full Lesaffre group expertise we offer a wealth of experience in these fields to bakers all over the UK and Ireland.

“And…. an estimated one in five food products consumed globally
contains one of our ingredients!”

Lesaffre UK & Ireland is located in Worcester with our UK manufacturing facility LFI UK in close proximity in Hartlebury. Our BRC Grade AA accredited site staffed by a dedicated team of highly trained and qualified professionals manufacture our functional bakery ingredients, alongside offering customer bespoke solutions and blends.

Together, with our local UK manufacturing and technical experts backed by the Lesaffre group expertise we are well placed to support our customers more efficiently and effectively with the correct product and processing solutions than ever before.

We have
the brand
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You may be surprised to learn that you already know or use some Lesaffre products.
The DCL Craftbake branded yeast has been produced by Lesaffre for many years and Saf instant Red and Saf Gold osmotolerant yeasts are well established here in the UK, and the little Hirondelle swallow logo has been in flight too. Click here to explore our Yeasts

Our growth in the functional bakery ingredients market is driven by our brand Safpro and Ibis with products in our portfolio such as shelf life extenders, crumb softeners and a full catalogue of bread improver technology. Click here to learn more about Bread Improvers

Additionally, our new range of innovative Mixes and concentrates is brought to you under our creative brand Inventis providing products such as our Hearty multiseed bread mix. Click here to expand your creativity with Inventis!

 Lesaffre is unparalleled in its breadth, offering active live, liquid, paste and dry sourdough options along with live starter cultures, additionally Lesaffre are continually innovating new sourdough products for the market which enable bakers to truly be their own artists when developing speciality breads. Click here to explore our Sourdough solutions.

We are pleased and proud to be supporting the Lesaffre Group mission to better nourish and protect the planet as we move forward through this decade into the years to come.
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