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Creating exceptional pizzas requires skills, creativity, and the right ingredients. If you’re a pizza chef looking to take your pizzas to the next level, don’t look further than Lesaffre to be your partner, working with you together to create quality pizzas that will keep your customers coming back!

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Speciality pizza yeasts

Lesaffre offers a diverse selection of specialty pizza yeasts, catering to various production setups. Whether it’s micro-bakeries crafting artisan pizzas, restaurant chains, or industrial frozen solutions, Lesaffre provides the perfect yeast options.

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Instant Dry Yeast

Derived from a yeast strain meticulously selected and cultivated by Lesaffre, Saf-Pizza is an instant dried yeast tailored to meet the requirements of pizza makers.

With saf-pizza yeast, rolling out dough becomes easier and pizza bases can be prepared more quickly. This yeast effectively prevents any dough shrinkage experienced with all-purpose dried yeast, ensuring the perfect shape, and preventing ‘ovalling’.

It also has the advantage of having a longer shelf life and easier storage (Avoid for frozen dough process or when ice or cold water are used).

Compressed Fresh Yeast

Standard compressed fresh yeast is usually an all-rounder that can be used to make pizza dough giving it a distinctive flavour and a soft, chewy texture.

Compressed fresh yeast can contribute with a distinct flavour profile to the pizza dough. It provides a subtle tanginess and a slight fermentation aroma that can enhance the overall taste of the pizza crust.

Liquid Fresh Yeast

Thanks to its ease of dosing, liquid fresh yeast is generally well suited for automated production of pizzas. Liquid yeast is pre-activated and ready to use, eliminating the need for rehydration and reducing proofing time. This saves time and streamlines the production process in an industrial setting where efficiency is crucial.

Liquid yeast is produced under controlled conditions, ensuring consistent quality and performance. This helps maintain uniformity in dough fermentation and final product characteristics across different batches and production runs.

Free-Flowing Frozen Yeast

The Free-Flowing Frozen Yeast (or semi-dry yeast) has been especially developed for frozen dough stability. Due to its “fermentation delay” effect, it can be used to avoid too fast a start of fermentation before shaping (high dough temperature or too long process).

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Pizza improvers, Deactivated Yeast and Dough Relaxers

Unlock the hidden ingredients that make every pizza maker successful! Backed by our expert technical team, Lesaffre equips you with high-quality ingredients to ensure a seamless production line. Our solutions help minimize production waste, reduce energy waste, and boost your overall profitability.

Pizza Dough Improved
T Control Yeasts

Pizza Improvers

Enhance your product shelf life, optimize dough machinability, and elevate overall quality with the Saf Pro® pizza improver series. Lesaffre offers a range of solutions tailored to different pizza base types and production processes such as the T-Control improver to stabilise dough fermentation at room temperatures.

From improvers for deep dish pizzas to the classic pizza improver that delivers the desired tolerance, crustiness, and colour, as well as improvers designed for retarded/refrigerated processes, Lesaffre has the perfect solution for your specific needs. Lesaffre improvers also provide an excellent volume and a perfect freshness and softness.

Deactivated Yeast and Dough Relaxers

Typically, thin Italian pizza dough does not require the use of a pizza improver. However, it is highly recommended to incorporate a reducing agent, such as deactivated yeast, to enhance the dough’s characteristics.

With Bakers Bonus® RS190 deactivated yeast, you can elevate your pizza dough’s extendibility, allowing you to master the art of pizza spinning and achieve a new level of thinness in your pizza stretching! Albeit less elastic, dough is nevertheless more extensible, thereby minimising the shrinkage effects during shaping.

Deactivated yeast is not only suitable for pizza dough but also finds adaptation in various other applications, such as European bread, baguettes, grissini, buns, or pitta bread.

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Sourdough pizzas can be absolutely delicious and offer unique flavour profiles. This fermentation process can result in a range of flavours, including a pleasant tanginess and complexity that many people find appealing.

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Starter Cultures

You can use the Livendo® sourdough starter cultures to create your own recipe using unique strains of bacteria, to produce sourdough pizzas with unique defined characteristics.

Live Sourdoughs

Livendo® live sourdoughs offer a convenient solution for pizza bakers, eliminating the need for a sourdough preparation phase. These ready-to-use sourdoughs come in a liquid form, allowing for immediate incorporation into pizza dough. By utilizing a ready-to-use live sourdough, bakers can save valuable time while ensuring dough stability and consistency throughout the baking process.

Deactivated Sourdoughs

Livendo® dry deactivated sourdoughs offer a convenient way to infuse pizzas with delightful sourdough aromas. These deactivated sourdoughs are made from fermented flours such as wheat, rye, spelt, and more. They require no preparation and can be directly incorporated into the mixer, saving time and effort in the pizza-making process.

Pizza Mixes & Concentrates

Take the complexity of the baking process with the Inventis® mixes and premixes. Experience complete and straightforward pizza dough solutions like the Inventis® Napol’I Blend, where all you need to do is add flour and water This leaves room for your creative efforts to blend unique toppings, making your pizzas truly one-of-a-kind and expanding your menu variety.

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Bespoke Blends and Technical Solutions

In many successful businesses, the key to their success lies in their secrets. By partnering with Lesaffre, you not only gain access to highly qualified and experienced local technical bakers who can support you developing your operations, but also tap into a global network of formulators and R&D technologists.

With the backing of Lesaffre’s 51 Baking Centers® worldwide, you have a wealth of knowledge and resources at your disposal.

Our team is dedicated to delivering bespoke and unique blends that fulfil your expectations, ensuring your customers are delighted to know that you are the only one capable of creating amazing pizzas. Rest assured, we value the confidentiality of your secrets and keep them safe.

With low minimum order quantities and blended in the UK at our BRC AA graded production facilities, you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about ordering excessive amounts for stock and dealing with storage challenges.

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