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Live Sourdoughs

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Ready to use live sourdough enables bakers to dispense with the sourdough preparation
phase by avoiding the need to ‘refresh their sourdough’.

A careful selection of micro- organisms and skilled fermentation abilities help guarantee bakers will obtain the desired characteristics. A process patented by Lesaffre makes it possible to stabilise live sourdough for up to 14 weeks (depending on the product reference) at temperatures lower than 10°C. This applies to both rye sourdough and the traditionally less acidic wheat sourdough.

Greater Efficiency

Thanks to the quality of the selected strains, our live sourdoughs develop powerful, highly acidifying fermentation properties and tremendous aromatic qualities during the baking process. This helps to achieve the same results as a spontaneous “sourdough“.

Greater Assurance

Its stability ensures that bakers obtain regular results by preventing the development of
those undesirable micro-organisms that are responsible for spoiling the product. Live
sourdough can be used for numerous applications: baguettes, Viennese pastries, rye
bread, sandwich bread, ciabatta, pizzas and traditional sourdough-based French bread.

Meet our Live Sourdoughs Range:

Crème de Levain

Improved taste in all types of bakery products

Cdl Profile

Cdl Acidity
Boule de Levain
Sensory profile with 5%

Durum Wheat & Malt

Brings sourdough & malty notes

Dwm Profile

Dwm Acidity
Granary Bread
Sensory profile with 15%

Durum Wheat

Increased butter flavour

Dw Profile

Dw Acidity
Spanish Bread
Sensory profile with 10%


Brings buckwheat, sourdough & fruity notes

B Profile

B Acidity
Spelt Baguette
Sensory profile with 10%

White Rye

Brings fruity, malty & sourdough notes

Wr Profile

Dw Acidity
Rye Bread
Sensory profile with 10%

Practical information

The recommended level of use is 5 to 15% on the total flour weight depending on the desired results
and the product reference. Remember to reduce the pouring water by a level equivalent to the amount of sourdough incorporated.

Preparation containing live sourdough micro-organisms (water, sourdough yeast and sourdough bacteria) and flours (depending on the reference).

Incorporate the live sourdough directly into the flour before mixing.

5 kg or 25 kg cans, 300 kg, 500 kg or 1000 kg containers.

STORAGE and D.M.D. (date of minimum durability)
14 weeks at between 2°C and 6°C from date of
production depending on product reference.

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