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UK Manufacturing

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Located in rural Worcestershire, our UK manufacturing plant is your strategic partner in achieving perfection in every blend.

Along with the production of Lesaffre’s range of high-quality innovative products, our blending plant operates as a prominent player in the baking and food and industries, specializing in the provision of powder blends.

Tailored to Your Formulations

Our core mission involves collaborating closely with customers to formulate and manufacture tailor-made powder blends that precisely align with their unique specifications. With an expansive array of available ingredients and blends, our product offer caters to various segments within the baking and food industries. Whether you’re a small bakery, a café chain, or a large-scale production facility, we’ve got your blending needs covered, creating your bespoke mixes, and saving valuable time allowing you to focus on your business.

Flexibility Redefined

Whether the need arises for blended powders or individual components, we offer the flexibility of supplying them in a variety of pack sizing from 6kg up to 25kg and MOQ Productions from 1-2 tonnes to seamlessly integrate with our clients’ unique processes, seasonal promotions, or managers specials.

Knowledge that Matters

Our test facilities, equipped with cutting-edge technology, serves as an invaluable resource throughout the stages of product development, continuous testing, and quality control, extending our commitment with customers beyond mere supply.

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Setting the Gold Standard in Quality

Accredited to the BRC Standard “AA+” Grade, and ISO 9001:2015 certified, our commitment to quality knows no bounds. Our comprehensive quality systems span across the entire business, ensuring that every blend meets the highest standards.

Partner with us to access a blend of innovation, quality, and expertise to support your business growth.

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