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Historically, sourdough was the very first ferment used in the production of bread.

It comes from a blend of flour and water, in which the metabolic activity of a mixed population of lactobacilli and yeasts is at work, either by spontaneous fermentation or through fermentation initiated by a starter culture, with or without refreshment. 

The positive image that consumers have of sourdough has led us to develop a range of products that combine ease of use, consistency of flavour and diversity of applications. 

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Lesaffre’s Livendo range offers more than 20 sourdough solutions to stimulate the baker’s imagination and creativity!

Livendo, Lesaffre’s Sourdough signature brand – A brand fired by passion to stimulate the imagination of innovative bakers and to meet consumers’ expectations.
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Comprising quality strains, our live sourdough develops powerful, highly acidifying fermentation properties as well as great aromatic qualities during the baking process.
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The stability of our products ensure that bakers can consistently create flavourful traditional sourdough breads and do so on a larger production scale.


Our range of sourdough ingredients can be readily incorporated into your flour mix, allowing you to easily adjust the amount based on your recipe.
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Our sourdough solutions are suitable for all baking processes including straight, slow proofing and inhibited fermentation.

Enhancing Efficiency & Precision - Total Dosage Control and Tailored Options

Liquid Sourdough Containers

Similar to our yeast, automatic systems and equipment for liquid sourdough can be installed and supported by Lesaffre, enabling total dosage control, production efficiency and monitoring.  

We can provide liquid sourdoughs in different tank options which meet your requirements. 

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