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Since 1974,
the technicians and experts of our
51 Baking Center™

Lesaffre spread over the world...

…have capitalized on their knowledge of countries, cultures, consumption patterns and the local market to feed your innovative projects. From baker to baker: a technical support catalyst of ideas!

Today, our experienced, multicultural technicians in our 60 application centers around the world...

…can pinpoint the needs and particular features of every country in which we operate. We understand that every product launch is a challenge; as such, our teams make on-site visits and provide start-to-finish customer support. Discover the diversity of our application centers:

Our services

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Sensory analysis

Helping you develop and position your new products

Thanks to their experience, our highly trained sensory analysts offer you a scientific methodology of sensory analysis: expert panels, tasting booths, specialized statistical software … Each year, more than 50 professionals benefit from this expertise.

Technical assistance

Technical support to accompany you in the achievement of your goals.

As an after-sales service, Baking Center ™ network technicians work with you, at the most sensitive moments. Because each launch is a challenge, they accompany you at all stages of the development of your project: adjustment of manufacturing parameters, choice of materials, identification and resolution of specific difficulties.

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Customer training

Transmitting our international know-how

The Baking Center ™ has developed a set of training courses for your teams: bread basics, yeast and leaven processes, sensory analysis techniques, ingredients panorama, world recipes… Whether you are a baker, an industrialist , Distributor, member of an R & D team … the Baking Center ™ gives you the best of its know-how.

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