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Be Summer Ready With Inventis Cake Mixes and Bread Mixes


Welcome to Inventis summer ready mixes range, where we invite you to Bake your way for sunny days with our delightful range of baking mixes crafted to product perfection. Created using only the finest ingredients and Lesaffre quality and expertise our mixes empower you to create treats that will brighten your customer’s day.

Inventis Mixes &Amp; Premixes
Burger Bun Soft Roll Mixe Inventis

Crafted with only the finest ingredients and leveraging Lesaffre’s quality and expertise, our bread mixes and cake mixes empower you to create treats that will brighten your customers’ day. Our curated selection of mixes has something special for every taste bud, ensuring that your summer baking endeavours are nothing short of extraordinary.

Why choose Inventis summer ready mixes?

Quality Ingredients: We believe in using only the finest ingredients, carefully selected to guarantee superior taste and texture in every batch.

Easy to Use: Our mixes are designed for simplicity, making baking a breeze leaving bakers with more time to explore creativity and looking after their customers.

Versatility: Same mix offers many possibilities. Get creative with different recipes, shapes, and new flavours to personalise your products and impress your customers.

Inventis Cake Mixes- The recipe for a perfect summer!

Crème Cake Mix

Popcorn Puck Cake With Creme Cake

With our new Crème Cake mix, baking rich and moist cakes has never been easier. Available in plain and chocolate versions, our mix delivers a moist and fluffy texture and a decadent crème filling that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Our crème cake mix is the perfect base for your creations leaving you with more time to get creative exploring exotic flavours and decorations. Wow your customers with decadent cakes that are sure to become the highlight of any dessert table.

Muffins With Inventis Cake Mixes

Cake Doughnut Mix

Ring Donuts

Is there anything better than the smell of doughnuts at the seaside? With Inventis’ Doughnut Cake Mix, you can create the perfect fluffy doughnut rings for your customers, bringing the delicious scent of summer to your stall.

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Doughnut Mix

Orange Donuts Inventis Doughnut

Whether glazed, filled, or simply dusted with powdered sugar, unleash your creativity, and make your bakery display a showstopper full of vibrant colours and eye-catching variety of flavours.

Scone Mix

Scones Inventis Scone

Made with premium ingredients, we offer a range of plain and premium scone mixes, including extra buttery options. Each bite is a delightful balance of crumbly texture and rich flavour, making them perfect for the ultimate cream tea. Explore creative recipes by adding raisins, dried berries, or toppings like cheese.

The Barbecue essentials with Inventis Bread Mixes!

Soft Roll Mix

With Inventis Soft Roll Mix, you can create pillowy rolls with tender crumbs and a golden crust that add deliciousness to any meal under the sun. Your customers’ burgers and hot dogs will be the envy of friends and family.

Brioche Mix

Adding a gourmet touch to your customers’ barbecue season, our Brioche mix boasts a buttery richness and delicate crumb that is sure to impress. We also offer a plant-based version of the mix (Potato Brioche), catering to all dietary regimes and ensuring that everyone can enjoy.

Soft Rolls Inventis
Inventis Mixes &Amp; Premixes

The Inventis Summer Ready Mixes are dedicated to making your baking experience as easy and delicious as possible. So why wait? Start planning your summer offering and let your baking creativity shine with Inventis.

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