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Occupational health and safety: a key priority for Lesaffre

Our Group is developing a common approach to occupational health and safety, with the end goal of meeting our zero-accident target. This proactive, participatory approach, in line with the actions already undertaken at each of our subsidiaries, concerns and involves each and every one of our staff members.

10 basic principles of occupational health and safety

Our occupational health and safety strategy, implemented and applied at all of Lesaffre’s subsidiaries, is based on 10 basic principles. These principles govern our safety policy, which is shared by all of the group’s sites, providing guidelines that are subject to annual reviews and continuous improvements.


Zero accident target

In order to prevent industrial accidents, each Lesaffre subsidiary performs a preliminary assessment of the potential risks associated with its business and environment, and then defines a safety action planthat aims to reduce, or even eliminate, those risks.

“One accident is an accident too many.” Regardless of its severity, each accident is systematically analyzed, after which corrective actions are entered and tracked in the safety plan.
This strategy of anticipation and adaptation is supported by regular safety visits of our subsidiaries, to verify the application and effectiveness of our safety measures.

Shared safety culture

Every person in our group is involved in sharing and discussing good workplace safety practices. Our group’s overall prevention strategy for our international entities involves them taking ownership of the basic principles of prevention, our safety action plans and our safety training programs.

In each country, safety training is provided to Lesaffre’s employees. These classes are defined and structured with training plans and allow the staff to expand their knowledge about accident prevention. Additionally, safety-oriented participatory actions (contests, suggestion boxes, risk identification, challenges, etc.) are held at the different subsidiaries. The goal is to encourage dialogue and communication about safety and strengthen our safety culture.

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