Frozen Semi Dry Yeast


Frozen semi dry yeast (FSDY)

In line with modern eating habits and technological progress, frozen dough and bakery production have made considerable leaps and bounds in recent decades. Maintaining superior product quality characteristics whilst enjoying the convenience of frozen production processes can be a source of potential issues for bread-making professionals. With our frozen semi-dry yeast, Lesaffre offers a solution dedicated to deep-freezing that combines the benefits of dry yeast with the performance of compressed yeast. It is suitable for use in any bread-making process and exceptional for frozen raw dough.

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Yeast comes in two quality levels:

  • standard
  • osmotolerant for sweet doughs

Packaging: 14kg bag in box and 400gm Tetra Pac

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Direct incorporation into the flour, with no thawing required.

Stable fermentation power over long periods of time and in frozen dough.

Resistant to the thermal shock of deep-freezing.

Relaunch of fermentation in line with the unique features of frozen raw processes.

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  • 2 years from production date.
  • When stored at -18°C, frozen semi-dry yeast retains all of its properties.