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Liquid yeast: what interest for the baker?
Liquid yeast has experienced strong development in the industry in recent years and, since 2005, a marked interest among artisan bakers who appreciate a global solution, integrating the product but also the technology and associated operating methods.
It is the mastery of the various stages from its production to its distribution in the kneader which now allows the use of the yeast in liquid form for bread-making. It is thus possible to benefit from the many advantages provided by the use of liquid yeast in industrial baking.

Liquid yeast, an opportunity for the bakery

Liquid yeast presents a concrete opportunity for optimizing production in industrial breadmaking . It indeed has many technical and economic advantages. Its liquid form allows in particular an automated and more precise dosage. The quantities used are therefore better managed. In addition, the reduction in handling by operators and kneaders also improves productivity.

Some of the many benefits of liquid yeast:

  • qualitative: perfect mastery of fermentation power
  • practical: easy to incorporate into the mixer
  • technical-economic: precision and regularity of the dosage
  • sanitary: temperature maintenance until dosing
  • hygienic: less handling
  • environmental: reduction of cardboard / paper packaging

The different types of liquid yeast


liquid yeast Bulk liquid yeast is packaged in tanks, in which the product circulates in a continuous loop in order to avoid any stagnation in the process. The homogeneity of the product is ensured by stirring at the bottom of the tanks. Since the tanks must be kept clean, a Cleaning in Place (CIP) system can be considered to separate the tanks and thus facilitate isolated cleaning during use of the associated tank.

Supervision and automation systems can be adapted according to the needs of the bakeries. The custom installation can therefore be fully or partially automated. For Lesaffre yeast, for example, the accuracy of the dosage of the liquid product is ensured by process equipment and instrumentation designed according to the type of production (electromagnetic flowmeter, quick-closing valve, totalizing electric meter, flow detector, etc.).

Stabilized liquid Yeast 

Lesaffre stabilized liquid yeast has been patented to allow storage for several weeks without stirring, and therefore packaging in containers. The containers must be stored in refrigerated areas. When the point of use is far enough away, a looped circulation network is created in order to avoid any retention of yeast in a dead arm outside the refrigerated zone.

Resuspended yeast

The principle of resuspended yeast is based on the in situ incorporation of the crumbled yeast in water which induces the use of at least two tanks: one for the dilution of the yeast and the another for the storage of the product thus implemented.

Use of liquid yeast: the Lesaffre quality approach

“More than a product, liquid yeast is a concept” underlines Etienne MAILLARD Quality manager of the Lesaffre Group. Transport, tank cleaning, compliance with safety standards for the use of liquid yeast… For Lesaffre, it is indeed a question of providing a global solution integrating the product, the installation and the associated operating methods.

The product must be efficient and healthy. The Lesaffre quality approach includes the rigorous selection of raw materials, the monitoring of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the application of HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) methods. Various control processes relating to the presence of foreign bodies, allergens or GMOs are also carried out. The liquid form of the product also allows easy filtration of the fluid at different stages.

The installation operates in a closed circuit until distribution in the mixer. This closed system guarantees the safety of the liquid yeast which is not exposed to the outside air. In addition, bulk liquid yeast processes include double-jacketed tanks as well as an insulated network in order to permanently maintain the yeast at a perfectly constant temperature. Lesaffre has established a number of very strict criteria for the choice of carriers and washing stations.

Supply  : the transport of liquid yeast in bulk is governed by the Lesaffre quality policy. Beyond the careful selection of service providers, various established operating modes are prescribed in great detail with processes allowing full product traceability.

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