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Which yeasts are required to make a pizza?

Lesaffre produces standard and specific yeasts to ensure its offering is adapted to all types of dough. The Lesaffre range thus opens up the field to the diversity and abundance typifying the distinctive nature of the pizza throughout the world. Here’s a round-up of the key advantages of this range.

In a challenging environment, Lesaffre provides solutions that help to optimise its preparations and produce even tastier pizzas. Thanks to its expertise and sense of innovation, whether we are talking about improving the preparation process or achieving perfection in terms of texture and taste, the yeast group rises to the challenge by selecting only the finest products. The goal is clear: to satisfy quality expectations.

Lesaffre proposes special yeasts for pizzas, which guarantee dough that is easy to roll out and pizza bases that are easier and quicker to garnish. The shrinkage phenomenon has therefore been eliminated and the baker or pizza chef gains much through ease of use!

Lesaffre also proposes deactivated yeast with reducing power to facilitate mixing. Albeit less elastic, dough is nevertheless more extensible, thereby minimising the shrinkage effects during shaping. After baking, the products are more regular. Deactivated yeast is adapted to many other applications: European bread, baguettes, grissini, buns, or pitta bread…

Helping bakers to express and manage all textures

If we look at the market through the eyes of the consumer, it is clearly possible to note a general trend: there is a widespread desire to enjoy foods offering true nutritional quality. The pizza very often contains very high levels of salt. Solutions exist to help reduce the level of added salt without diminishing its aromatic properties. These additive-free solutions enhance the aromatic profile of dough and thus contribute to reducing salt by up to 30% without diminishing taste. They can also be used in all other types of bakery goods containing reduced levels of salt: sandwich bread, European bread, hamburger buns, grissini, etc.

Lesaffre products, regardless of the process used, can help cater to all the tastes and needs of any clientele. These products are constantly tested in the group’s sensory analysis lab to ensure they keep pace with marketing and commercial realities. This is a strategic approach necessary for serving the needs of all professionals, whatever their requirements. The goal is to help them successfully produce any dough or pastry, whether it is thin, thick, classic, for brioche or flaky pastries, while catering to consumers’ tastes.

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