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The Bread of the Future

Eating bread is more than just satisfying hunger; it also plays a crucial role in daily nutrition and overall well-being. The bread of the future can contribute significantly to one’s daily nutritional needs and overall health. The synergy of our historical expertise in bread-making, combined with the state-of-the-art knowledge within our nutrition and health business units, positions Lesaffre uniquely to address the challenges of the future of baking.

Crafting wellness and dietary requirements in bread making

Widely consumed on a daily basis across the globe, bread stands as an excellent means of delivering essential benefits to specific demographic groups, including children, seniors, and pregnant women. Moreover, bread serves as an optimal support for the diverse dietary preferences embraced by today’s consumers. Our product portfolio is tailored to accommodate various lifestyle choices and personal commitments, ranging from veganism to health-specific needs like gluten-free options.

Whether by choice or necessity, embracing a specific diet can result in deficiencies or excesses that may eventually impact health, both physically and mentally. Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable and mindful of the profound influence nutrition has on their overall well-being. 

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Consequently, there is a growing emphasis on adopting diets tailored to individual needs and personal lifestyle choices. People are making deliberate and informed decisions about their food choices, leaning towards products they perceive as healthier and more sustainable.

Furthermore, addressing stress and prioritizing mental health have become global concerns. Informed consumers actively seek solutions that enhance their overall well-being, gravitating towards foods that not only contribute to physical health but also possess a “nutritional edge” for mental well-being.

How will the bread of the future look like?

Bread Of The Future By Lesaffre

Crafting the bread of the future demands a holistic consideration of consumers’ needs and dietary requirements. Elevating its appeal, flavour stands out as the foremost aspect to prioritize in creating the bread of the future. To create the bread of the future, you will need:

A unique flavour: Cracker notes help to lower salt levels without loss of flavour. Springer Proteissimo™101 protein provides notes of hazelnut. Buttery notes are enhanced by a sourdough flavour that helps to reduce fat in the finished product. An incredible combination of crustiness and softness! The inclusion of grains gives the bun a slight crunch. Sourdough optimizes the product’s softness and freshness.

A beautiful look: A beige-coloured crumb evocative of old-style bread.

Ingredients for meeting needs and fuelling wellness

To enhance consumers’ protein intake without relying on animal ingredients, Lesaffre has innovated the ideal solution – Springer Proteissimo® 101. Naturally rich in proteins and containing all the essential amino acids, it is free of off-notes and has only a limited effect on colour. As a distinctive and patented solution for baking high-protein bread, Springer Proteissimo® 101 is crafted through yeast fermentation, boasting not only nutritional benefits but also a small carbon footprint.

To address the physiological need for supplemental folic acid and folate, Lesaffre introduces Quatrefolic® Vitamin B9 – an exclusive, patented ingredient centred around vitamin B9. This unique formulation is easily incorporable for bakers aspiring to create vitamin-enriched bread. Particularly suitable for women (pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactation), infants, seniors, and individuals with specific health conditions requiring additional folate, Quatrefolic® Vitamin B9 offers a targeted solution.

Exclusively offered by Lesaffre, VitaMK7® represents vitamin K2 in its purest form, with a purity exceeding 99%. Derived from a natural source through the bio-fermentation of bacillus subtilis spp natto – a proprietary strain of Lesaffre – VitaMK7® stands out. This unique formulation not only supports bone health and facilitates blood clotting but is also designated as a clean label product. Moreover, it is compatible for formulation with calcium salt bread-making ingredients.

Working with you to deliver the bread of the future

By working closely with bakers and harnessing our Baking Center TM R&D facilities, we can deliver the latest innovations in bread-making supporting your product development. As an expert in fermentation, Baking with Lesaffre’s research is focused on decrypting the best combinations between bread microbiota, recipe, and fermentation parameters to anchor bread in the daily diets in our societies. Our team is at your side to understand and decode the latest discoveries and to determine how to create products that are best adapted to your customers’ nutritional needs. 

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