VIIth International Sourdough Symposium


04 Jun VIIth International Sourdough Symposium


When live sourdough gives you back more than expected!

Sourdough is on the rise and is fast becoming popular in breadmaking. Bakers want to produce unique sourdough breads with fresh ideas, and expect to deliver breakthrough results to their consumers who are seeking for great tasty, nutritious, sustainable and clean label products. The sourdough model can provide a valuable answer.

Lesaffre participates to  the VIIth International Sourdough Symposium in Cork (Ireland) 6-8 June, 2018 and has put itself forward as a Sponsor of the event. “The Sourdough Symposium is the opportunity to bring experts from universities, research institutes and companies interested in sourdough technology, functionalities and the health aspects of cereal fermentations, in order to discuss and present the latest research topics and developments in this field.” explains the organizing committee.

“We support this event for the value of experience and for bringing out new ideas. Lesaffre contributes to offer its genuine sourdough expertise to the event which is today the place to exchange, share, discuss the latest scientific progress with other Sourdough experts.” underlines Thomas Lesaffre, Marketing Director for Baking Ingredients.

Different works have been conducted by Lesaffre experts and technical results are today displayed on posters : Consumers’ appreciation analysis, scalded hydrolysed flour, children global vision on sourdough, predictive model on acidity and gazing power, using sourdough to reduce salt in bread, combine yeasts, bacteria and flours to create new tastes.

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