Premium Scone Mix and Plain Scone Mix Summer 23

Scone top bakes with scone mix
strawberry jam layer
Clotted cream layer
Scone bottom

Jam first or Cream first?

It is Quality First! Bake mouth-watering scones with Inventis® Premium Scone and Plain Scone Mix!

Ah, the age-old debate of jam first or cream first when it comes to the traditional British cream tea. This is a matter of personal preference, and the answer may vary depending on the region you ask. In Cornwall, it is customary to spread the jam first and then top it with a dollop of clotted cream. This is known as the “Cornish method” or “jam first.” In contrast, in Devon, it is more common to spread the clotted cream first and then add a layer of jam on top. This is known as the “Devonshire method” or “cream first.”

Both methods have their proponents and are considered correct in their respective regions. Ultimately, it boils down to how you prefer to enjoy your cream tea. Some argue that spreading the cream first allows it to act as a base, preventing the jam from making the scone soggy. Others believe that the jam acts as a binding agent, helping the cream adhere to the scone.

Regardless of which method you choose the most important decision is the scone quality! The Inventis® Premium Scone Mix, with an extra buttery kick, and Inventis® Plain Scone Mix, an everyday bakery essential, provide you with a solution to create freshly baked scones, that will put a smile in your customers’ faces.

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Now with £3 pound off per bag price when you order Inventis® Premium Scone and Plain Scone Mixes. Maximum of 20 bags per customer. Subject to availability whilst stocks last. Applicable to orders done before the 30th of August 2023.

Scone (skɒn Skon) or Scone (skoʊn Skown)?

Inventis® is the new word for Scone!

The pronunciation debate over scone, whether it’s pronounced as “skɒn” (skon) or “skoʊn” (skown), has been a longstanding source of contention. However, when it comes to enjoying delicious baked goods, it’s best not to get caught up in pronunciation differences. Use Inventis® as the new word for scone! Simplify the language of baking with the Inventis® Premium and Plain Scone Mixes, and shift our attention away from pronunciation disputes to appreciate the joy of baking.

Inventis® Premium Scone Mix and Plain Scone Mix

  • Complete mix – just add water
  • Soft eating crumb
  • Suitable for all inclusions
  • Premium Scone Mix with subtle buttery flavour

Simplify the language of baking with the Inventis®

The Inventis® range of mixes and blends has been specially designed to create speciality bakery products. They have been formulated either as complete mixes or as premixes requiring only the addition of Flour, Yeast and Water. The range includes speciality products from around the globe.

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Scone top bakes with scone mix
Clotted cream layer
strawberry jam layer
Scone bottom